Paper on the wall, canít be hearts at all. Empty bags I see, once held hope for me.

Boxes are now flattened, that carried lifeís pride; 

Buses are departed, so where is my ride?


Genes on the dresser are tired and limp,

Too much to say about the trail theyíve come.

And the shirt on the door, what a story of pain.

The stench of it cries out of where itís from.


Did I once dream but now only scream? The death in my hand, means buried in this land?

Is this what it comes to when no one to hear?

If God exists, is He the One I should fear?


O Angels above tell me what to do,

But are you bound by some eternity creed?

Loose me from this hurt and tear me away.

Whoíll pull me out of this pity-buying spree?


O God on high, answer my cry! Youíre the only one, to save this wretched son.

I call out in anguish for Your mercyís sake,

A way out of this, only You can make.


Answer me plainly, is it the sins Iíve done?

In all creation isnít there a way out?

If youíd go through this or, say Your own son,

Wouldnít You prove Yourself and take away all doubt?


Save me I pray, at twilightís last ray. Take all this sin, and give me peace within.

You must have salvation from lifeís agony,

Wonít You let someone else die instead of me?


Donít let me kill myself and find I was wrong.

I now recognize Your glory and fame.

I know Youíll save me and itís Your life Youíll give,

For itís already done and Jesus Christís His name.


Death is now lost, at Your Sonís cost. Gone is my lifeís hate, due to resurrectionís gate.

Salvation is only through Christ Jesus,

Thatís His lifeís reason and only purpose.


My death is now replaced and my sins atoned.

My cry out of blood is the sacrifice Christ made.

I drop this gun and put on my new clothes,

For the stench of sin at Jesusí feet is laid.


Stench Of Sin by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                             Psalm 40:1

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