Stems in a vase,

What is the purpose?

Do we exclaim a glory throughout our place

Or hold within

And be satisfied as just

A stem in a vase?


Beauty we chose,

Ďtis just a surface.

Molded, formed, but created to hold a rose,

Or is the vase proclaimed

As the subject of

The beauty we chose?


Blossoms must shine,

Isnít that the goal?

Should we not burst forth and not hide under a vine,

Being seen as an element of God

Where our

Blossoms must shine?


Stems in a vase,

The purpose foretold.

Become like Jesus as we seek His face,

Then exclaim and become the flowers intended

Held by

Stems in a vase.



Stems In A Vase by Ronhales                                                                                                                                               Psalm 90:17

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