The door is open,

The musicís loud,

The lot is full,

It must be a dance.

By myself tonight,

No where to go,

Itís still early,

                                      Iíll just take a glance.                                                            Standín ní clappín,

Tappín their toes,

People singín,

To a different beat.


Welcomed by a smile,

Pat on the back,

What kind of dance,

Gives this type of greet?

I can see the band,

Iím in the swing,

But where to go,

When thereís no dance floor?

In looking around,

Thereís so much joy,

Everyoneís happy,

                                                   No one seems a bore.                                                     Weíre dancín tonight,

Kickín up heels,

Whoís the partner,

That swings these parts?


With my arms outstretched,

I find the One,

And sing His praise,

From a thankful heart.

Could dance all night long,

At such a place,

Where Angels are,

And Heaven comes down.

For what I found here,

Was a joyful noise

In Jesus Christ,

The Prize of a Crown!


Standín Ní Clappín by Ronhales                                                                                                                                           Psalm 150:4

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