Unseen screams thrust their spear-like tips into the veil of silence.

Again and again they rip through a shroud of seemingly quietness.

Known peace is left tattered.

Bolting across the uncovered vastness of sound,

The spears of screams attack without resistance.

Shreds of what was, are trampled as each lunge of the piercing cry is made.

No ear has heard, or tongue ever released such a sound.

Never has the air ever carried such a delivery to an unsuspecting place.

Never has such a burden been placed on the common communication of sound.

Nothing has ever been known to penetrate like this before.

Walls greater than Jericho fall against the onslaught.

Graves are shattered that hold the dead.

Knees are bent and the strong become frail at its rush.

Nothing stands that stood.

No one can speak above the oncoming force of its volume.

Stopped is the earth.

Halted in place is every person and everything.

The call is upon the earth.

The call unto man is made.

It is as if all of Heaven has called to every soul of every person.

Every soul responds.

Each ear hears.

Each head is turned.

Attention is given, no one can ignore its greatness.

No one can hide.

The earth has opened up to the sound wave from Heaven.

The Voice has spoken.  The blast has been blown.

All other sound moves in a panic, but can not escape.

Toppled, crumbled and separated, nothing can stand.

 This is the announcement of the Lord.

All other sound runs from His voice.

Screeching and wailing, all speech, all noise, all sound,

Tries to avoid the on rush of His voice.

But there is no escape.

Like the blast of a great bomb, His sound wave explodes upon the earth.

His voice conquers all, and demands immediate response and obedience.

All earth becomes silent.

Every soul gazes to Him.

Every heart is faint with trembling.


Are you ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ?

He is coming!!



Sound Wave by Ronhales                                                                                                                          Revelation 6:15-17

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