S O L D I E R S 





They are lined as soldiers, in their stationary positions;

          Oh, Such grandeur!


Looking as though on eternal watch over the things below;

Always present, day and night, wind or rain,

Are their silhouettes against the bright blue sky!


God in His glory created each of these warriors differently;

They are their own, unique example of God’s creativeness;

Never boasting, but yet proud in what they are!


Fire may sweep through them, but does not destroy,

Only allows a conquering by this great army!

For now there are so many!


Those that will prove themselves in battle,

Will raise up and take their proper place,

And will stand as a testament that will be marveled

From these things below!


The great Sentries praise their Creator with all their being.

There is great glory seen when watching the giants.

Glory in their stature, Glory from the One they reach toward,

Glory around them,

For surely they are surrounded by glory!


In return for the worship given to God, they continue…

These great forested wonders survive by the praise

They lift up to God!!




Soldiers by Ronhales                                                                                                              Psalm 104:16

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