S  M  O  K  E 




Grip the air you lifeless smoke,

Climb to Heaven above.

Ride the wind, and straddle the trees,

Seek out the God of love.


What marks your path,

And shows the way?

Name Him if you can.

For nothing is as bold as He,

The God of air, sea, and land.


Travel to regions beyond,

Then settle in the swale.

The power youíve sown,

Is weakened, by a stormís mighty gale.


Linger if you will.

Linger if you can.

But just as life burns bright,

It ends, as quick as you ran.


No more screams.

And no more fear.

Ending are the cries.

So to God we look,

And to God we trust,

For you were just

Smoke unto my eyes.



  Smoke by Ronhales                                                                                                                                            Hosea 13:3

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