O Lord, forgive us for the slaughter

The slaughter of ourselves


  We are fools falling from our own devious devices

Forgive us O Lord, for killing ourselves


Our deaths are sure, our paths decided

We run into blades, we run into guns, we run into deaths

O Lord, forgive us for the slaughter


Can any survive?  Will any live?

Lord, will I die at my own hand?  From my own destruction?

O God, find favor with me

Find favor from one who stands apart from this world, this killing

Find favor with me, who abhors this slaughter


Secure me for Thy rapture.  Keep me to that day

Take me out of this death O Lord, and raise me to Thy rapture


Will You find favor in me O Lord?

The favor that gave Hannah her son?

Or the favor that allowed Simeon to see Your face?

Or the favor given to Mary, the mother of the Messiah?

Will You find favor in me O Lord?


Can You find favor with me?  Find favor with me O God

And keep me to the calling of Your Bride

Your Bride is the church which You will keep safe

From death and destruction

The slaughter will not touch her, the killing can not consume her

For she is Yours, Yours alone


In Your Salvation I seek deliverance O Lord

I seek shelter in my Savior Jesus Christ

Iím withdrawn from death and brought into the resurrection

By Him who is The Resurrection

Jesus Christ


Keep me to the rapture O Lord

Keep me to the calling of Your Bride

Find favor with me O Lord

And forgive me for the slaughter


Slaughter by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                         Isaiah 53:7

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