The skeletal eyes of the abandoned church

                                                                        Haunts my soul

The half-opened doors that will never move

                                                                         Haunts my soul

The windows that once saw music from the sun

                                          Are vacant and blind

Rafters that received praise in upstretched arms

                                Are limp, resting on their sides

And the ceiling whose ears were filled

With fellowshipping words

                                        Fall deaf on the floor

                                                                                                        My soul is haunted,

                                                                                                Not just from this scene

                                                                                                                            Of the past

                                                                                                            But haunted as to a

                                                                                                            Scene of the future

The constantine wire ensures no re-birth

                                          Where is the Spirit?

                                                    Where has it gone?

                                                                                        My soul is haunted

                                                                                                                             At this site



                                                                                                                                                    Jude 18-19

Skeletal Eyes by Ronhales                                                                                                                        James 2:26

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