Restore me O Lord, like You restore the blossoms each spring.

Refresh me, like rain

On a summerís eve.

Replenish me, like the high mountain waters that snow showers bring,

And rest me,

In Your harvest breeze.


Thy seasonís mingle among the raptured Saints aglow,

Each month changes

The freshly fruited trees.

While whirling winds bring beauty to the showers of blossoms and snow,

And sing,

To the harvested sheaves.


Showers of blossoms and snow dance with glee around my head,

While Jesus Christ

I praise upon my knees.

And beside the harvest where I can rest on my eternal bed,

Iím kept safe,

From robbers and thieves.


O take me to the place where showers of blossoms and snow await.

Lift me, O Lord,

In Thy whispering breeze.

Lead me to the streets of gold by the way of Thy Pearly Gate,

And provide to me,

Thy fruited trees.


Yes, take me to Thy Kingdom of mingling blossoms and snow,

Where drifting they go

On Your whispering breeze.

Then restore me O Lord, with Thy Saints in blossoms and snow,

Where forever

Weíll praise You,

Upon our knees.


Showers Of Blossoms And Snow by Ronhales                                                                                                              Ezekiel 47:12

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