Shoes of the Savior, I wonder what they beheld

If only they could talk, oh what stories they would tell


“Upon the seas I’ve been, the depths I’ve tread

Carrying Him all day long, then a place to rest His head

                        "Into the desert we traveled, battling the enemy at hand

                        No food, no water, no rest; just teaching across the sand"

“With every step to every step, I joined Him on the path

Never leading, never directing, just serving whatever the task”

            "I was lifted upon the colt He rode, and saw the crowds pass by

            I felt His agony in the triumph, to these lives His heart did cry"

“But when He walked that lonely trail, (t’was reason He was born)

Even I could not go there, from Him His life was torn”


These shoes of the Savior, who will step into them?

When you do, you’ll find Him.

Shoes of the Savior, what wonders will we behold?

To glory, and places untold.


Shoes of the Savior, they’ve seen the redemptive way.

Step into them this day.

Will you walk in His blessing and favor,

By taking these Shoes of the Savior?


Shoes Of The Savior by Ronhales                                                                                                                                   John 12:35-36

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