White sheets pulled to the masterís chin,

Praised by the servantís hands.

Songs of joy and praises of respect

Rise before his face.

In sleep he is comforted,

In rest he is cared for.

Sheets pulled to the masterís chin.


In honor, the servants wait, each standing at the bed.

As he moves in his sleep, they each wait to pull the sheet.

Gently, and with quiet splendor, each wrinkle and lap removed.

Then, to the masterís chin, the white sheet is pulled.

Time and time throughout the night, the servants ever watch.

Love is their gift to him, and they stand secure.

Never themselves sleepy, nor does drowsiness appear.

Their hands wait hovering, alert to serve this friend.

Gently covering, they take their turn at his side, never allowing the sheet to fall.

And then, to the masterís chin is the call,

As again, the sheet is drawn.

ďOur love will never fail you, our love for you is so great.Ē

ďWe wish to serve you in your sleep, for your love to us is the oceanís vastness when you are awake.Ē

And he moves once more, with a smile and gleaming eye,

For he knows their love is released with joy

As the white sheet is pulled over him all through the night.


Servants we are,

For it is our want, our desire, our joy.

Yes, servants we are.

Servants we are.



Servants by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                      Matthew 6:24

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