If you could do anything at all

                                                            Would you climb Kilamanjaro

                                                                                                           Or dress like the Belle of the Ball?

If the sky can't limit your dream

                                                            Would you fly in the space shuttle

                                                                                                                Or fish a remote little stream?

If nothing could stop getting it done  

                                                        What would it be that you would choose?

                                                                            As for me...

                                                                      I'd row the Jordan

Id backpack an inflatable raft

And then up and over the bank

Into the water Id push that craft                                                            I d let the river drift me in time

                                                                                               Through this Holy Land of Gods chosen

                                                                                                                          Where Elijah walked  

                                                                                                                     And the priests did climb

                                                        Is this the place where David crossed

                                                           And where John did his baptizing

                                                        Or where the floating axe was tossed?

Would this trip be what you would do

                                                            Or if you could get your fantasy

                                                                                                      Would you go to some exotic zoo?

Some may say goodbye to their Warden

                                                        As their one wish upon a star

                                                                      But for me...

                                                                 I'd row the Jordan

Id wonder if this was where it parted

When struck by the coat of Elijah

And how many battle arrows here were started?

                                                                                                        Id float the headwaters up high

                                                                                    Where Christ must have walked one great day

                                                                                                Then Id row out to the end of the sky

                                                            If you look for me but cant find

                                                    And you ask someone if Ive been stolen

                                                       Dont worry with your sincere concern

                                                                For Im just spending my life

                                                                        Rowing the Jordan


Rowing The Jordan by Ronhales                      Revelation 22:2

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