R O D E O   C L O W NDo you still see the outstretched flag?

Never let your emotions sag!

Spilled blood for ďOld GloryĒ,

Made the Star Spangled Banner Story!

We allow hype over Star Wars                                                                Daytona 500 gives thrills

To elevate into uproars!                                                            Because of the crashes and spills;

Tickets to a Bowl Game,                                                                        Dice may cost a bankroll,

May take a person beyond their shame!                                        But everything, is Vegas' goal!

Where is commitment?

What is priority?

My life is upside down!

Bad seems good, and good seems bad!

Iím dressed like a Rodeo Clown!

Divorces are prevalent,                                                                        Carry a hidden gun, the cry!

Sometimes the spouse just ups and went!                                   Then victims ask the question why?

Few weddings anymore!                                                                     Donít serve the Lord thy God,

Co-habitation at the core!                                                            For all Christian antics are a fraud!

Where is commitment?

What is the truth?

My life is upside down!

Bad seems good, and good seems bad!

And Iím dressed like a Rodeo Clown!

Jesus was just another man!                                                                    The earth and all in it evolved;

Someone out of the Prophet Clan!                                                      God in the schools has dissolved;

Life after death is false;                                                                                 We can reach the heavens,

This dance is all youíll get, so letís waltz.                                                Just a matter of odds or evens.


Where is commitment?

Whatís the evidence?

My life is upside down!

Bad seems good, and good seems bad!

Am I really a Rodeo Clown?!

The Word of God is the whole truth!                                                                  What this world says is just a lie,

Read the Bible, donít forget Ruth!                                       Thatís why God sent Jesus to die!

Jesus Christ is the Lord!                                                                                                Christ arose in three days,

His ticket, the only way aboard!                                                And ascended in Heavenly rays!


Jesus Christ will return again,

To find those who He calls a friend;

Give your heart to Jesus,

Commit to Him, Heís our purpose!

There is commitment!

There is truth!

Sin is bad!  God is good!

Do I stand out in this world of a town?

Is that why you thought I was a Rodeo Clown?

Join those that stand up for Jesus,

His bannerís passing before us.

His blood made this story,

Much greater than that of ďOld GloryĒ.

Here is commitment!

Here is truth!

Sin is gone!  Christ Jesus lives forever!

And what appeared to be the clothes of a Rodeo Clown,

Were actually the beginnings to a Heavenly crown!


Rodeo Clown by Ronhales                                                                                                                               Selah  

                                                                                                                             Revelation 2:10

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