Through the openings of the shades

I spot the tiles on the roof.

They rest so tirelessly,

Receiving the glory, receiving light of the sun.


Through slats, the sounds of love

And the sounds of family moves

Gracefully past the rooms, past the doors,

Past the day.

Together, lifted up, the brightness gathered,

Is heard.

Listen, as all things give praise.

Hear, O Lord our praise

The stones receive, and praise You.

Inside, the family receives,

And praises You.

Hear, O Lord our praise

The building shakes

As the rhythm of praise is gathered.

Windows open to glory!                              Praise!

Doors open to love!                                    Praise!

All things together,                                      Praise!


Yes, through this shaded view of glass,

So finely covered, I see praising.

Lift up your shades, and see praise.

Then praise!


Hear O Lord our praise.

Together, we gather the rhythm of praise.

Hear the rhythm.  Hear the praise.

All things together,                                         Praise You O Lord

All things,                                                      Praise You!



  Rhythm Of Praise by Ronhales                                                                                                                                 Psalm 148:13

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