R E U N I O N 






Mostly they come with their gray hair

And reading glasses

But even as family is in hand

Some look like they could still

Attend the Senior classes

Stepping out of a Jaguar, Dodge Diesel

Or functional Mini-Van

They join together to relive

The years they span

Open the doors to the old school

For this was the place of those

Who dreamt of being cool


Here is found fantasy and ‘usta do’

Hanging in the halls

Can’t you still hear

How life past and live ahead calls?

Is this why these old graduates

Have dropped all they’re doin’

 To join their friends in a

High School Reunion?

Or do these busy lives

Stop to reflect during these few hours

On how it is or could’ve been

Due to God’s wondrous powers?


Our Lord and Savior is who joins us here

For without Jesus

What value or worth

Does life have to share?

So reach out and take the hand

Of your High School mate

But realize it is Jesus

Who has glorified fate

In Him, by Him, and through Him

Jesus, God’s Son

Is the real reason, the only reason

We’re having this

High School Reunion


  Reunion by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                     1 John 3:1

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