Today I regret yesterdays.

I am turned toward regretting many yesterdays.

I am being persuaded to hope “there were some good times”,

But overall I am being convinced it was all wrong,

And only I in my blinded selfishness found peace and joy.

O God, turn the waste into rich soil where Your fruit will be given.

Make what appears as a distant journey on desert land

Be a boat ride over stormy waters where You were found

Resting at ease among us.


Lord, do not allow my faith that guided me by Thy Word

Now show for nothing.

If I was misguided by Thy Word, then You and my faith is a lie.

All creation forbid!

For all creation testifies that You are truth and Thy Word is truth,

And that faith in You is truth.

Lord God, all things are of You.

My path has not been for naught, neither shall my next step.

You guide me by Thy Word, Thy Holy Spirit, Thy walk with me

As we abide together everyday.


Bring tomorrows O Lord as You have brought all my yesterdays.

You have brought me through the months of years of yesterdays.

Let my next step be as sure as my last step with You O Lord.

Only by You, O Lord, in faith, can I go on.

Strengthen me, change me, build me up and enhance me.

Make all my days be days that will bring rejoicing and praise

Before You when I stand in Your presence.

My tomorrows will be different than my yesterdays,

But may all my days be pleasing to You, O Lord,

For You are resting at ease among us.                                 Selah  


Resting At Ease Among Us by Ronhales                                                                                                    Isaiah 11:10

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