ever meaning to neglect anyone or any question, I write for the first time in this space.  Over a year has gone past and not a single email has come in on the ĎContact Usí page.  Since IĎve received no questions, I havenít written on this page.  However, Iíve decided to change that.  Therefore, I write.

 The website is a blessing and joy, but not without issue.  Even though I have not received any formal statements, it has come to my attention that a writing or some writings have caused hurt and pain.  I have been told that someone was upset because I wrote about them.  That a writing which was read was taken personally, not to heart, but literal in receipt of my expression towards them.

 Here is my response:

 I am sorry.  Never would I write in attack one from another.  Never would I use this website as a platform to verse an attack from me, the writer, to someone who is the reader.  My subject and object has always been to guide the reader to the true Word of God, The Holy Bible.  If someone is harmed because they believe I shot personally at them in one of these writings, believe me I was unaware, it was unintentional, and I am sorry.  But hereís the deal, I am sensitive also.  I feel pain, hurt, and sorrow.  I do not lack those emotions.  Therefore I would never put those things on any one on purpose.  The only intent as the author in this website is to guide the reader to The Holy Bible.  That is why the reference verse is attached.  That is why the Bible link is in place.  Do not stop reading with what I have written, but read what God writes.  Do not even associate my words with Godís Word.  The reference verse I attached to the prose may not be the right reference for you, so seek further and read beyond the verse.  Godís Word will reveal the strength, the calm, the need which your heart wanders for.  His Word will not harm, but will heal.  His Word will not insult, but will love.  Please forgive me if I somehow have caused you pain because of what I write, I am sorry.  Proverbs 19 verse 11 says; ďA manís wisdom gives him patience: it is to his glory to overlook an offense.Ē [NIV]

Please keep reading.  Not just the website, but Godís Word.  More accurately, read Godís Word more.  Then share His Word with otherís, and as your heart is touched, and as you reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ, He will reach to you.  Jesus is the only answer, the complete answer to all your questions.  Jesus Christ, He is the total answer.

In love,

 Ron Hales