R E L E A S E D 




See the fields on the farthest hill?

See the cattle as they feed there?

I have no stock, why do I err?

No grain to harvest for the mill!

Am I trapped in a place I know nothing about?


More mansions are built everyday.

Banks grow and others become rich.

But Iím stuck, like tied to a hitch!

Month to month I live on my pay.


The ambitious gain even more;

The young see the boss over tea;

Promoted was he over me!

Slave everyday but remain poor,

Iím trapped in a place I know nothing about!


The seas well up and wash aboard,

While the sail is tasked by the wind;

I steer left, to the right I bend,

Looking up, all I see is floor,

ĎCause Iím trapped in a place I know nothing about!


To Christ I reach, He restores me!

My path the Lord laid before me!

Re-scripted, like this verse did He,

And planned me for eternity!


God hates the desires of this world,

That is why Jesus came to die;

Our sins are buried forever,

Along with Satan and his lie!


Now with Christ I journey ahead,

Leaving this life of shame and doubt;

Released from the trap,

That I donít want to know anything about!



 Released by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                            Psalm 23:3

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