Red Shadow drawing close on me,

Bearing down faster and faster.

Sweeping hands of the clock we see,

The prey hunted by the Tracker.

Deep of blood is the shadow filled,

Seeping up the life of each soul.

Poured in existence from ones killed,

Worlds conquered is Red Shadow's goal.


Tomorrow’s gone when now we die,

And triumph halted from the curse.

But winning sure when seen the lie,

Know Red Shadow is Satan's hearse.

Traveling over everywhere,  

Not a hill or cave will be missed.

Red Shadow brings death without care,  

Brought by sword or by being kissed.


But ride on you carriage of blood,

Your wheels of doom cannot stop here.

A passage like a rising flood,

Your way is far, instead of near.

Fear not the red flow approaching.

Fear not the shadow of death’s hand.

For Red Shadow’s soon encroaching,

Ends by God’s cross upon the land.


In me stands the cross of Jesus,

His light casts Red Shadow away.

Blood must run from one so precious,

And Satan swallowed by the grave.

The tomb of Jesus took it all,

Filled by the rush of this world’s sin.

Red Shadow into it did fall,

While God raised His Son from within.



Red Shadow by Ronhales                                                                                                                  Luke 1:78-79

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