No act, no expression, can do or speak my feeling for You.

I am motionless, I am speechless before Your throne.

Yet, I know You know my heart.


Do You read in me my sorrow and shame?

Do You see my desire to change?

Do You know my love for You when You read my heart?


I know You know my heart,

For Your own hand wrote Your love upon me.

By Your pen is my heart scripted,

With Your own hand You decided my way.


Read my heart and the love I have for You,

Skip nothing, absorb it all,

Translate every thought and every meaning and take all that I am.


By Your grace I am saved.

By Your love I will live.

And when You read my heart,

You will know how thankful I am for what You have done for me.


Praise the name of the Lord God Almighty



Read My Heart by Ronhales                                                                                                 Read:          Acts 15:8

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