The rainbow is in the sunset.

Across the great river, Your arch is placed.

See it as it springs from the top of the ridge,

Launching its trajectory of color,

And then it strikes the opposite side of the canyon.


Your arch is the gateway to a Heavenly screen,

Which projects the manuscript of Your hand.


A vein of golden wonder stretches over the mountains

And across the sky.

Then suddenly, it has turned to a glowing reflection

Of the ancient volcano that is now only mimicked

In this spectacle.


No god could create this, no man could paint this,

No picture could duplicate this, no words can describe

This magnificence that only the Living God,

My Heavenly Father gives with but a wave of His hand

Or a breath from His nostrils.


The rainbow in the sunset is His ribbon tied on the

End of a day packaged by God Almighty.


See His wonders and praise Him.

He delights in our praise.

His handiwork is to be glorified.


Glory to God the Creator of such things!



Rainbow In The Sunset  by  Ronhales                                                                                                                  Habakkuk 1:5

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