R A I N 




I rise with God's reign upon me,

And His grace over me,

And His goodness surrounding me.

The rain comes, but it is also a blessing,

For as I hear it and see it,

It renews and refreshes,

And gives drink in God's creation. 

I read the Bible.

The wondrous Word of God.

O How it renews, refreshes,

And gives drink to my soul.


Rain Thy Word upon me!

Each word is like the drop of

Refreshing water that strikes me

Settles upon me, then soaks into me.

As each raindrop is drank by the ground

And finds the root of life,

Renewing the source and producing abundant food,

So each word given by Thy scriptures

Brings life.


I drink Thy Word O God.

For You have brought me

To Your ever-flowing trough filled by You,

Your Son Jesus Christ,

And Your Holy Spirit.

I want to be drenched in Thy Word.

I want to stand under Thy waterfall,

Which pours upon me

Thy eternal truth.

Bathe me in Your never-changing,

Everlasting Word, O God.


Let it rain.

Your reign is forever.


Rain by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                  Hosea 6:3

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