Have you ever raced to see a sunset and ended up missing all of it?


Or, are the sunsets you find, the sunsets without color?


Does your walk with Jesus seem to be just missing the desired effect?


Is your life in Christ colorless?



Then stop, and wait where you are, and let the glory of the Lord appear.


Quit racing to catch a sunset, and watch the skies change above you.


If you see no color and beauty in Christ, then wait and allow Him to fill it in.


Perhaps sunsets have no color, for an instant; 


But then, are shortly glorified with a sky of wonder and magnificence.



Stop racing to catch just a glimpse;


All will be seen if you wait upon the Lord.


Wait for Him to deliver it all to you.


Wait for Him.



  Racing to Catch a Sunset by Ronhales                                                                                                                            Psalm 37:7

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