A patchwork of fabric

Sewn into the quilt.

Why does it remind me of life’s guilt?


Is it that each piece is made alone,

But then tied together

By a yoke unknown?


Admire the work, the effort it takes.

‘tis beauty it’s trying to make.

Yet, even when displayed to show its great wares,

Like life, patterns of sin is what it declares.


Common thread runs through

Our patchwork of life,

Everyday we’re closer to death ending strife.

Who is there that can take this blanket of shame

And change it to an ever-forgiven name?


Jesus Christ will sweep off this quilt of sin

And give us a new life,

Born through Him.

So view this treasure as it was meant to be,

A life’s work of love,

Bound for glory.


Quilt Of Sin by Ronhales                                                                                                                                               Acts 13:39

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