P U R P O S E D     P L A N





I havenít come to this place,

Without the feeling or knowing a past disgrace,

And there isnít the blessing of finding good,

Without first experiencing something other than that which stood,

And in the best of all things,

Wasnít there remnants of that, when thought about, which still stings?



But where I find myself today I say,

Is only because of a purposed plan that sets my way,

And what is this plan which establishes my day?...

God lives and will continue to live, and His way succeeds.



Trust in the Lord and He directs the past, present, and future;

His plan is a purposed plan which finishes with Him.



Purposed Plan by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                        Read:          Ephesians 1:10

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