P R O O F 


I was asked, “How do you know God exists?  Prove Him to me!”

I said, “Have faith.  There must be faith.”

God’s Word is written by Him,

About Him, and for His purpose

Of showing Himself to us.

I know there is a God, by His Word.

I was told,

“That is not enough.  Show me God by His miracles.”

I said, “Look at the waters, breathe the air, marvel at the fruits, the stars,

the birds, our flesh.”

God is The Creator, and nothing exists

without Him first creating it.

We do not exist from nothing.

The trees, the fish, the water, our bodies

do not come out of the same nothingness.

God created us all.

That is the miracle!  His creation.

His creation is all around us.

I was told,

“Prove God.  Prove God!  Show me He is real.  Show me proof!”

I said,

“I know He is real and yes, I will prove it.  God saved me!”

Sin was on me, I was bound by it.

I was captive to its chains of shame and guilt.

But Jesus died for me and rose to show me

His life sets me free.

“I am the proof God exists.”

God exists!

His Word is proof, life itself

and all creation is proof.

But most of all,

I am witness to God’s existence.

God, through the giving of His Son, Jesus Christ,

changed me and saved my life.

Don’t close your eyes and your ears any longer. “Believe!”

Believe the Bible.  Believe what you are as a created life,

Believe what you see around you,

And believe the witness of others who have experienced God.

Believe the personal presence and relationship with God.

As I said, “Have faith!  Believe!”

See, proof abounds!

Proof abounds.


Proof by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                     Acts 17:31

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