Itís now quiet sitting in the plaza alone,

But your voice is still clear in my mind,

And your words linger in glowing tone,

As we share our thoughts in the morning sunshine.

The air is crisp with a scent of rain,

I may soon need to move inside,

So I wrap this memory gently which I retain,

Until again we pleasantly abide.


I hadnít thought our meeting would become well known,

Longing for intimacy to be entwined,

Yet what was said is not just my own,

And thereís a reason that it is left behind.

Cushioned in hope with much to gain,

I want to share tears of joy I cried,

And now feeling your gift of dying pain,

Iím relieved to tell others of how you died.


Our time together was planned in a moan,

Just as creation of all things was in kind,

For you yourself sit on the reigning throne,

And everything planned is of your design.

So we meet and speak and talk of blame,

Knowing your will and mine would collide,

But through perfect love willing to attain,

Iím forgiven as will all believers in whose heart you reside.


Tomorrow Iíll come and for a while sit alone,

But then your word will speak to my heart and mind,

And those words from the Bible will set the tone,

Of how again you turned darkness to sunshine.

And although outside it may be a day of rain,

All things of me are good inside,

For I look to you and your word which I retain,

And find that we continue to pleasantly abide.



  Pleasantly Abide by Ronhales                                                                                         Read:          Psalm 91:1

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