P I T I F U L 





Does the shepherd weep as the sheep stray?

Does his staff lay at his side useless?

Has the shepherd turned away as the lamb cries?

Does he feast with wine as the lion nears?


There is no herdsman that would allow such things!

Shepherds guide.

Shepherds protect.

Shepherds feed.

Shepherds care.


Everyday, a new lamb when born, must be lead.

The lamb does not lead itself.

The shepherd must decide the path of his sheep.

Trails are found and taken for safety, shelter, and food.


Known from experience and training given to the shepherd,

The right path is taken.


But yet, as members of the church our Christ Jesus has lead,

We act as though He sleeps,

And we care for ourselves.


How pitiful we are!



Pitiful by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                         John 4:23

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