I linger on His pillow of care,

Laid down before me.

And in this reclining act,

I stretch my words of offering,

And hide my face from Him.


He provides to me,

But I am unworthy.


He sheds His grace upon me,

But I am ashamed.


He covers my shame,

And serves me.


How can I accept this undeserved blessing?

I receive it within His very love.


Beside His bosom I reside.

To Him I cling.

I raise my voice and praise Him,

While I bow down

To Him.

Keep me here forever, O Lord.


In humility and love

I receive this which

You lavish upon me

From blessings of Your love.


Keep me here forever, O Lord,

Lingering on Your pillow of care.



  Pillow Of Care by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                        John 13:5

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