Photos With Scripture

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Buck in grass.Psalm 94.19     Galatians 5:25      Desert.Rev19.7     Galatians 5.16.Traill    Hebrews 11.1.Trout Creek homestead


        John 5.24.Diversion Dam                Matthew 10.37.Sunset.waved                    Ocean view.Psalm96.6


               Psalm77.Cloud                Psalm93.4              Window.Psalm97.6                    Sunset.Psalm94



                          Air Balloon.Isaiah 40:29       Cranes.2 Corinthians 5.17          Dragonfly.Job12.9



         Dragonfly.Job12.9.NKJV    Eagle.Isaiah 40.30              Sky.Titus 3.4            Storm.Job26.12       



         Soldier  Joshua 1:9          Cactus.Psalm18.33        Bright sun.2 Cor 5:17            Sunlit Psalm68:15



            Thorns. Lilies Song of Solomon 2.2        Red Rocks Job 28:10          Sunlit White Rocks Psalm 68:16


            Light Joshua 3:5.