P A S S I O N S 






When in the moment,

Your voice moves within our hearts,

Passions of who You are,

Are revealed in intimate parts.


First it is the yearning that fires the desire,

This may slow the word, but the heart will never tire.


Slowly a motion appears in defining form,

It is built proudly as like a coming storm.


The heart transforms into a beauty of life,

With its arms reaching out, as embracing its future wife.


The touch is soft, yet must be firm and directing,

When gentle, but secure, there is no protesting.


A gift exchanged is often imparted,

In doing this, faith and trust is normally started.


With cautious anticipation, two hearts draw dear,

The one responding and the other remaining near.


In perfect accord the bond of love is done,

Thank you Lord God, for revealing Jesus Christ, Your Son.



Passions by Ronhales                                                                                                                                          Psalm 73:28

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