Grass on the wheelbarrow, ready to be dumped                                                    One last ride down the hill in the wagon  

         Crickets singing to the ear, under the stump                                                            Daddyís coming in from the field just a dragginí  

         Marbles gathered up, and put in the pocket                                                            Cows run to the barn as chased by a rocket  

         As this day's joy, is saved in a locket                                                                      And another day gets placed in a locket  



Our heart is the archive of who we are

Itís all stored 

Nothing sanctioned,

Censored or barred

And the precious treasures we cherish

Gifts for which we care

Are like gems in a locket

Around our neck we wear


All of our life's memories

Will pass away

Even the most wonderful times

Wonít stay

Only whatís in our heartís locket will last

So choose carefully, for this time is going fast


Have you found Jesus Christ

And held Him dearly?

He is eternal and doesnít revolve yearly

Is He the valued treasure of your locket?

Or has He just been jammed into another pocket?


You must decide what you keep from day to day

For life eternal

Jesus is the only way

Secure Him in the locket of your heart

Then wear Him

And to otherís, this gift impart


Our Heartís Locket by Ronhales                                                                                                                                    Colossians 3:3

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