O U  R   F E E T 



A path of rocks no one needs,

Like a lava flow forced upon our feet.

Yet we choose to walk where there is no trail,

As if on a cliff without a rail.


To sun’s streaming, a shadow runs,

And to a waterfall the rivers lunge.

But our life is no natural phase,

So why depart from God’s purposed praise?


As certain as the stars will glow,

Isn’t our love to God suppose to grow?

And in that the rains from clouds come down,

Isn’t there a message in the Bible to be found?


Why then do we miss our way?

What causes us not to pray?

How is tomorrow better than what’s offered by God today?

And when will our “yes” replace our “nay”?


Our feet were created to walk the right path,

In order to worship God,

Not to receive His wrath.

So allow in Christ Jesus our trail to be fixed,

For only then, our feet will rest after each life’s trips.


Be encouraged that your walk is finished

When Jesus Christ you have no longer banished.

Praise God, for His worship is intended,

And walk into a love, perfect and splendid.


Our Feet by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                          Deuteronomy 30:19

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