Out and back, pretty quick

Just alone, nothiní else

Counting leaves, counting stars

Watching clocks that donít slow down

Bees that dive, ants of different size

Seeds that float, some that donít

All the cars that go by

Sun comes up, sun goes down

Another day on the edge


                                             Clouds move in or roll out                                         A butterfly flitters, the pesky fly disturbs

                                             A breeze blows by and never returns                        Then on my heart and from my lips

                                             An echo here, no discerning word                             I wonder how it all occurs

                                             A wisp of smoke, something nice                              The crow sounds off, a lizard hides

                                             Canít wait to eat, but not too much                           The squirrel sneaks

                                             A drop of rain, now a flood below                            and two trees together are wedged

                                             Completes another day on the edge                          which ends another day when youíre on the edge


                                             How can this be?  There is too much?                       Weíre in control, but Iím just drifting  

                                             Just chaos or allís well?                                             It all makes sense, but whereís the logic

                                             And didnít this start from a single cell?                       I need to go there, but got to invest here

                                             Am I large or am I small?                                          Itíll all work out, just go easy

                                             Have we figured out the number of galaxies?                            But snap ti it

                                             How about the stars in the Milky Way?                     Lifeís so simple, the mind unsearchable  

                                             Another rotation, another night                                  Itís a bed of roses, but what a bunch of trouble

                                            When will it end, or has it really begun?                      Take a stand, but all weíre doing

                                             Too many questions for one on the run                      Is straddling the decision  

                                             But itís just another day on the edge                          Another day has past while on the edge


                                            God is all around                                                       Hear the Word, and recognize the truth

                                            Everything ends at death                                            No one knows tomorrow

                                            Buddha gives peace                                                  But when you stay on the edge

                                            Hell doesnít exist                                                      It could bring great sorrow

                                            Creatism will fade while man controls his destiny        Jesus Christ is the Truth and the Promise

                                            Are you straddling yet                                               Have you decided

                                            Or can you make a definite choice?                           Or is it just another day teetering on the edge?


On The Edge by Ronhales                                                                                                                                  Ephesians 4:14

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