Sometimes I see the desert waves as one by one they fold under the one after,

Then the sand, like eyelids, close to the life it once knew.

And in the folding of the wind, suddenly casting out of its spewing mouth,

The two are torn from rest, and collide in a torrent of pain.


Upon all this lies the gleam from the sun,

But not long ‘til it rises again, to seek another bed.

To a pond, a Lilly drifts, an island created,

The oasis, sweet, giving, sharing of all it has.


Follow its bidding, answer its call, a universe unknown, a desert worn.

Countless and uncounted, innumerable in time, beyond any compare.

Far too far for me.


I am ever drawn, forever seeing, never entering.

The lure is cast, but never taken.  I am pulled, but always resisting.

I pass by, wondering at its awesome power, avoiding and not accepting.

How I long to enter, to find my rest, my island, my oasis.

The coolness, the refreshment, the source of nourishment, the life.

Can I weather the storms?  Can I bare the torment, the heat?

Can I survive, endure, overcome this desert, to enter lasting life?


Sometimes I see the tents outstretched and welcoming.

They shelter, they provide, they nourish,

And I know, there, is great wealth, great learning, and everlasting joy.

Soon faded from view, I am surrounded once again with shadows

That blow into suffering and sorrow.


In my life’s desert I roam, looking, seeking, then avoiding.

Passing by the one thing that will save me and sustain me forever and ever.

I know where my salvation rests. 

I am lost in a desert without hope of enduring unless I go to my Comforter,

The place of rest, my salvation.


Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

He has built my refuge, and only He can sustain me.  In Him is eternal life.

Come out of the desert, enter His Oasis.  To this He beckons.

To this I finally respond.


I now see Him clearly and I leave to go to Him.

My eyes are opened in the desert to enter His Oasis.

My Lord Jesus welcomes me.


Oasis by Ronhales                                                                                                                                     Psalm 61:4

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