N O W    S H O W I N GSmudged upon the sky,

The indistinguishable edge of a monumental force pushes on.

Black follows white, and blue is trampled over,

And shadows lost.

An easel tarnished, flat, unchanged,

Then, beauty restored.

Depth regained in mounting heights

Under a crispness of a hovering beast,

But above,

A brightness of a tender light persuading gently

In an apron of turmoil.

Strips are placed of color magnificence

When laid in red upon the formidable scene.

Orange emerges, and yellow too,

To which gold in all its shimmering wealth

Reveals the chest of treasure now exposed.

Across a canvas no matting can hold,

A pallet of colors now expressed.

Splattered in perfection.

Sprayed with timely diligence.

Drawn in elegant wonder,

A masterpiece cascades under a forbearing monster.

Shattered at horizonís tip, shards blast forth,

While trailing behind,

The burning streams of fuel spent to launch such beauty.

Like an umbrella unfolding,

The black top now gives way to the painted underside.

This is a dawning day,

A sunrise given by Godís creating hand.

All the strength of darkness gathered, can not hold back the light of day.

Ominous and looming, dressed to intimidate, yet fleeing at first encounter,

Night gives way to day.

And in glory abundant, the robes of the victor spread triumphantly upon the spoils.

Oh God, Oh God, Oh, my most magnificent God,

Your glory expels all doubt of who You are.

The break of this spectacular sight resolves all questions.

You make the day,

Which is unveiled in an eternally-planned painting of sunrise across the sky.

The universe is Yours,

And this morning all creation bows to Your glory now showing.


Glory, glory, glory,

God reigns from above.




Now Showing by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                   2 Samuel 23:4

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