I heard the song where the singer sang...

Maybe itís this or maybe itís that;

Troubles are here that need to be solved,

Are there solutions or just mere chat?

Until we start to make it a cause,

Nothin' will happen unless we act!


                          Take away violence,                                                         Take away guilt,

                          Take away pride,                                                               Take away excuse,

                          Take away anger,                                                              Take away bombs,

                          Take away knives,                                                             Take away greed,

                          Take away envy,                                                                 Take away lust,

                          Take away hate,                                                                  Take away drugs,

                          Take away guns,                                                                 Take away lies,

                          Take away hurt,                                                                  Take away cursing,

                          Take away death,                                                                Take away prejudice,

                          Take away tears,                                                                 Take away jealousy,

                          Take away revenge,                                                            Take away sin,

                         Take away fears,                                                                 And take away self...

Love is left,

In Jesus Christ the KingÖ

Nothing more is able,

No nothing!!


  Nothing More by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                     John 1:29

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