N O   E C H O




Shall we climb a tree?

Shall we explore a cave?

Can we play a game,

And does it take four or just three?


Do you want to swing?

Shall we take a swim?

Can I ride your bike?

Let's all of us just do something!


Wanna play baseball?

How about tag?

Can we throw rocks?

Can we do anything at all?


Where are the lakes?

Where are the springs?

Where is the water

To refresh my soul it takes?


Is it crying without a tear?

Can anyone speak?

No echo when I Yell!

Get me out of here!


Is this the 90's or the 80's?

Was I really warned?

Where's the way out

From this place called Hades?


Christ Jesus preached!

Why didn't I listen?

For then Hell, I know,

Would have never been reached!


No Echo by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                              Romans 1:18-20

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