M Y    T E A R S    A R E    G O N E


Wipe my eyes O Lord,

The day of mourning has gone

And a new dawn appears.

My cries have been heard,

And now my crying is over,

The days of mourning are gone

And the new dawn appears.


Dry up my tears O Lord,

As the promises of Thy Word declares.

Make me remember no more,

For eternal life in You is my hope.

Yes, gone is the weeping, the crying, the pain of a broken heart.


Your name is on my lips.

Your precious name flows across my tongue,

By Your promise, Your glory, Your might.

I come unto You forever and ever,

Carried to You by Your own Holy Spirit.


Yes, my sorrows have sown harvests of salvation.

Your seed has grown to an everlasting tree of life,

Fresh with fruits of Thy throne never before tasted.

Left behind are those who will soon follow into Thy joy,

For I know they are already with You

As my concerns and love of them turn to You,

And they rejoice with me in this passing of sorrow.


My tears are gone.

My face shines bright in the cleanness of the hands of Jesus across my cheeks.

Blemish free, forgiven and all grief wiped away,

Iím aglow in the glory of being with my Lord, The King,

My Savior, Jesus Christ.

Glory, glory, glory.

Gone are my yesterdays,

For today became forever with life eternal in Jesus Christ.

Praise Him.  Thank Him.

For gone are my yesterdays and all my tears,

As I join in Him forever and ever and ever.



  My Tears Are Gone by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                            Revelation 21:4

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