M Y    R H Y M E




Sounds of above

Sounds from beneath

Sounds of inward being

Sounds we bequeath

Tell what was today

Tell of tomorrow

Tell of every joy

Tell the tales of sorrow


Linger not in time

Linger not Thy peace

Linger not oh trouble

Linger not which we seek

Hasten joy so quickly

Hasten rewards to me

Hasten mighty heaven

Hasten Thy praise to Thee


Life is eternal

Life’s from the heart

Life by our feeling

Life in Christ the start

Death comes so early

Death once repeated

Death will overcome

Death through Christ defeated


Listen to my rhyme

Listen with all feeling

God gives life forever

Through Christ who’s all healing




My Rhyme by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                Revelation 12:11

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