M Y    G O D    T O D A YI woke to a beautiful day appearing.

The blue of the crisp sky was reflecting a blue of beauty

Into the surrounding river and ponds of blue.

The sunlight was blending itself into the green of the tree’s limbs,

Bringing its gold richness pouring freely

Into the opened palms of the leaves.

Into this my body awoke

And my spirit rose.

My soul yearns for such beauty.


Knowing God provides what my eyes now see,

Knowing He provides all my needs,

Even greater riches than these, He provides,

Blesses me.

I rise and lift my hands in praise to God,

The Creator of all things,

Here and what will be seen and given in Heaven.

I praise Him, and His Son Jesus Christ,

My Lord and Savior.

God is truly God over all other gods,

Reigning over all His creation from His throne in Heaven.


This new dawning is a day of revelation.

Christ Jesus will bring all things, all plans,

All of His Word, all of His promises to fulfillment today.

His harvest strains toward the harvester’s hands.

His fruit leaps off the branches and from the vines.

His store rooms are prepared.

He has made ready the hearts which will join Him.

Today we will be with Him in all His glory,

Gathered at His feast of celebration.


Yes, I rise this morning into the presence of

My God today.

Praise the name of my living Savior.

Praise the name of the Lord.

Jesus Christ is God of all, always.



My God Today by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                   Psalm 2:7

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