My God knows the rain drops that have fallen

My God knows the leaves that have grown

My God knows the hearts that have fallen

And to each one, the seed He has sown


Every star in the sky has been counted

Each one He has given a name

He can reclaim every snowflake from snow

For there is not one He made the same


My God knows each bone returned to dust

My God knows each life that has lived

My God knows every soul thatís been redeemed

By His Son He gave as a gift


Not a sand on the seashore He forgets

For every grain He carved by hand

Thereís not a fish that swims He doesnít know

Nor a creature that roams the land


My God is the One True God

My God is Creator Of All

My God delivered His Son for our sins

So that we will answer His call


So receive His Seed planted in your heart

My Godís Son, Christ Jesus, The Lord

And know that everything given is given by God

My God, our God, Savior and Lord


  My God by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                      Exodus 15:2

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