M Y    D E L I G H T





Do you have the delight of the Lord?

That feeling of complete comfort,

Is what Iím talking about.

Do you know the refreshment of His light?

Total peace in all things,

Is what I mean.

Are you satisfied within your own mind, body, soul and spirit?

Enriched beyond measure in your self is what Iím saying.

Can you contemplate a happiness greater than that which you now enjoy? 

Euphoria of creation in The Creator is the answer for you.


Sing to the mountains a song of rejoicing.

Lift your hands to the sky praising the Lord.

Shout to the trees, sea, and air the glory of God Almighty,

And whisper a prayer of thanksgiving.


Jesus raised to life eternal, is our hymn.

Our soul redeemed, through Him.

Caused no more our will toward sin,

Christ claims our soul within.


Yes, sing aloud for mountains to hear.

No longer burdens do I bare.

Praise God our Father above,

I rejoice forever by Jesusí love.


Share all my delight,

For my delight is in the Lord.

Yes, my delight is in the Lord.



  My Delight by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                   Proverbs 8:30

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