My best friends,

My special friends,

My eternal friends,

Turn thy hands upward in praise,

Celebrate the freshness of the Lord.

He has placed us,

He has set us,

He has determined our place with Him.


Into the crevices of His most secret place,

His Word draws us.

Into the hollow of His hands,

His Spirit compels us.

Nothing can separate us from Him.

He is above all.

He is God over everything.


Dear friends,

Reach out with me,

And touch the wonder of love.

Reach out to Jesus Christ, The Lord.


My companions,

My trusted ones,

Be faithful to your heart,

And come with me into the presence of the Lord.


Lift your hands with me, friends,

And praise the Lord.



 My Companions by Ronhales                                                                                                                                      Acts 21:18-20

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