M U S I C 




Music to my ears, calling to my heart,

No other sound so rewards,

As music to my heart.


Rising and falling,

Telling a story so beautiful.

Nothing is so great, 

No sound is so wonderful.


Sing to me.

Play music for me.

Fill my spirit.

For this is the sound of joy,

And nothing in my ears

Can compare to it.

So softly the words come inside me.

Gently they are received with perfect harmony.

Built one upon another, sounds of words brought together.

Planted so tenderly from page to page,

Precious sounds grow to a richness, ripe within its age.


Words in music intensify the emotions.

So sing out thy love, thy devotions.

Such an expression of fullness,

From the writer’s art,

No other sound so rewards,

As music to my heart.


Cross over the threshold,

And express the perfect words

In a perfect song.

Sing praises to Jesus the Lord,

And join in with His Heavenly Throng.


I raise my hands to Jesus,

And words of praise I impart,

For there is no other sound so rewards,

As music from my heart.



  Music by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                     Colossians 3:16

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