M O U N T   U P 




Horses on the roof, running from the wind

Hooves racing to the thunder, eyes striking the lightening

Two by two, side by side

Then four, then more

An army gathered with horses

O, most frightening

Hear their sounds, spinning to the ears

A storm rolling forward, a storm trampling down

Cry out at the overwhelming sight

An awesome power has run over us

A stampede to battle

Led by Him who wears the crown

Intensified by the rush, with veins sticking out

The horses throttle forward

Strong in heart, with strength in their spirit

No room for cowards where

This throng is headed

Jesus Christ in His glory

Is claiming His right, and judging it

Ride upon this galloping steed,

For his path is destined

In Christ our conquering King

Mount upon His glory

Join His wedding party

Be carried with Jesus

Put on His gifted ring

Ride forward, ride on

The power rests in The Head

The One who rides out in front

He who leads the force

The beasts of the Lord

Carry His battlement to the victory

They are the carriers

Of His Source

Horses upon the roof, they ride the Saints

Over and above all things

Harnessed by God, their direction is sure

Don't be passed over

Your horse is here

Mount up with Christ

Become part of His thundering herd



  Mount Up by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                            Revelation 19:14

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