The sounds of morning is just what we need.

I like the cracking of tires on concrete.

I like the mixed voices echoing through my mind.

And I like the ruffling of fixing a breakfast snack.


The many conversations overheard every morning

Allows an insight into people’s lives.

It seems that I know Mary and her new friend which she causes to smile;

It seems that I know Charles who has a store downstairs;

It is like as though I know the man attending the parking garage

Who says “good morning” to me every morning,

And although all our strangers, it is like I know each face which promptly

Joins me in the coffee shop every morning.


Yes, the sounds of life of the morning is just what I need every morning.

I am blessed by the raising of a new day;

I am sure we need a newness that comes with every morning;

It is as if I need to grow as the day grows;

It’s like I need to stretch myself as the sun stretches the shadows;

And it’s like I long to learn something new in every new morning.


This is morning, and I like it.

It is not like any other part of the day.

Morning is ‘morning’.

Unlike the noon time, morning fashions our day.

Unlike the evening that closes, morning opens our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.

And unlike darkness of night, morning brings the rising of the sun for a new day.


I thank You Lord for the newness of each morning.

Thank You Lord for the people, the activity, the sounds,

And the blessings of every morning.

Morning is just what we need.

Thank You Lord God for morning.



Morning by Ronhales                                                                                                                          Read:          Psalm 143:8

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