M I R R O R E D  





 Sometimes I see the face, so unyielding and controlling

 It appears to be so stern that love couldn't possibly be residing

The look given that surely judges, eyes that identify sin

An expression that sends destruction, able to cast into the lion's den 

Fear Him who knows the heart, this One who cannot lie

  For He directs your path, His hand has cast the dye

But do I see His face as clearly as I should?  

 Is there something more to find, if only I could?

I fix my gaze, maintain my focus, involve my soul and hopes

  His image changes, once beheld, to that of pain, bruises, thorns, beatings by ropes

I know this man, I know His fate, His death at my own hand

   He did not struggle, He only suffered, His blood spilled on the land

This is not a face that scowls, scorns or frowns

 I only say my own, mirrored in His many crowns

We judge ourselves, and are judged, by faces we see on others

Be not deceived, but know the truth, He calls us sons and brothers 

Look now into the face that once was marred with pain and strife


And find the hope, grace and love

That gives eternal life




  Mirrored by Ronhales                                                                                                                              1 Corinthians 13:12

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