M I R R O R  




In my house, which is a beautiful house, I am given to move.

The choice is mine, of course, but I follow at the Word of the Lord.

But in my going, I can not take but only one thing.

So choose I am told, from the wealth and treasures I laboriously stored.


This task is mighty and a most arduous and difficult decision to make.

For the Lord has blessed me tremendously,

And has provided me with a rich manís ransom.

But one earthly possession is all I am allowed to take.

So I must choose what it will be that I will carry

From this house the world would call a mansion.


From room to room I search out for this most valued treasure.

Will it be proof of my success and luxury or a more simple item that

Measures the heart?

I think of who I am and how I became a man of such wealth.

And although it was I that did the task, it was God that brought me through

From the start.


The item must reflect what God, through His Son, Jesus accomplished.

And because of His blood cleansing on me, I stand as the best evidence

Of His grace.

For without the blood of Jesus, my faith would not have grown, my hope would be lost.  But He gave me love from His Spirit and taught me how to prepare to finish lifeís great race.


Yes, this one thing must be an example of what Jesus did for me.

My life is the witness of the testament of Jesus and how He secured me from evilís


All my possessions will come to an end, and must perish.

Therefore, in order to remind me what Jesus did for me, from this place I take but a Mirror.


This simple trinket is all that I choose as I vacate this place.

I know I have Godís Word in my heart and His Holy Spirit living inside me.

So I freely move from my house to be planted in a new field,

For Christ in me will be the seed which will cause otherís to grow

Into what God wants them to be.



Mirror by Ronhales                                                                                                                                   Psalm 116:6-8

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