Mingling emotions, when and what is the good?

One moment up, the next moment down.

There is no surface to a sinking ship,

And no authority in a Kingís worthless crown.

Anger and fear reside in loneliness and hate,

Such goals will end in less than fortune.

But often times we say love and joy are here.

What good can come from such mingling of emotions?


Can an apron be worn upon an evening gown?

Is a bridal shower joined to a funeral dirge?

Does forgiveness and jealousy compliment?

Can rage and calm link like a corporate merge?

Mingling emotions, what great the cost!

No good is such a suffering, no good.

Straighten us O Lord, cure our confusion.

Define Your love to me, Dear God, then Iíll be as I should.



Mingling Emotions by Ronhales                                                                                                                                       Romans 5: 1-5

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